Rod Dinkins USN VR-8 1953 - 1955
Oceanside, CA
Biography At - Brag Tape

................ U.S. NAVY SERVICE . ...............

US Navy -AT1 - Aviation Electronics Technician 1951-1955.
Radio Operator and Avionics Maintenance Technician.
Air Transport Squadrons - VR-8.
Aircraft were Douglas R5D and Lockheed R7V-1 Super Constellations.
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The Navy MATS Page -- VR3, VR6, VR7, VR8, VR22 Squadrons

Lockheed Super Constellation -- Navy R7V-1

Air Force Constellation -- EC-121 (551st and 552nd AEW&C WINGS)

Some Other Navy Aircraft I flew In

Beech SNB -- For Airborne Radar Training

Douglas Transport Aircraft -- R4D

Douglas Transport Aircraft -- R5D

Douglas AQ -- Electronic Counter-Measures Variant of the Able Dog (Spad)(AD)

Martin Mars (Marianas Mars) Flying Boat -- Two are still flying

These are from memory (45 years ago) and some Mil Websites - so not official. Feel free to add or correct.

Thanks to Tom/W4OKW, CDR USN Ret for additional help.

ART-13 - HF Transmitter, 0.2-1.5 & 2-18MHz, AM/CW/MCW, 100W, 11 chan autotune mechanical memory, uses C-87/ART-13 control box, tube line-up: 6V6, 12SA7, (2) 12SJ7, (2) 12SL7, (2) 811, 813, 837, and (2) 1625, requires 24VDC 10A, 400VDC 225ma. and 1250VDC 250ma, dynamotor DY-17, 23.5" T-47A/ART-13 Transmitter O-17/ART-13A LF oscillator unit CU-24/ART-13 Antenna shunt capacitor CU-32/ART-13 Antenna loading coil C-87/ART-13 Pilots control box C-405/A Control panel DY-17/ART-13A Dynamotor

ARR-15 - HF Receivers, 1.5-18MHz, main component: R-105/ARR

ARC-1 - VHF Transceivers, 100-156 Mhz, AM, Major components: RT-18, C-45 and DY-9B,

ARC-27 - UHF Transceivers 225-399.9 MHz, A2, A3 emissions. Power output: 9 watts. 18 preset frequencies on any one of 1750 freq channels. Transmitter may be tone modulated at 1020 Hz for emergency or direction finding purposes. One guard channel in the 238- 249 MHz range can be simultaneously monitored. Major Components RT-178/ARC-27,

APN-1 - Radar Altimeter, 420-460 MHz, Doppler frequency shift, dual scale meter 0-400 and 0-4000 feet, TO AN 16-30 APN1-4, Output 0.1 W, 14 or 28 VDC, Major components RT-7/APN-1 Transmitter-receiver, 2 ea AT-4/APN-1 antennas ID-14/APN-1 Altitude indicator, SA-1/ARN-1 Altitude limit switch

APN-4 - Loran 1750-2000 KHz, with built in scope display, 115 VAC 400 Hz. R-9/APN-4 - APN-4 Receiver with Scope

APX-6B - IFF Transponder set, Identification, Friend or Foe 800-1300 MHz, output 1 KW pulse, replaced by IF 60 MHz, Units have explosives for destruction tuning heads, Interrogated by AN/TPX-22,Major Components RT-82/APX-6.

APS-42 - Search Radar, 9700 MHz, 115 VAC, 400 Hz,

ARN-6 - ADF (Direction Finders), 100-1750 KHz

AT-4 - Antenna, UHF, used with AN/APN-1.

ARN-14 - VOR Direction finder set, 100-1750 Khz, 115 VAC and 28 VDC

ARN-18 or ARN-5 ?? - Glide Slope Receiver

ARN-21 - TACAN Navigation set, 28 VDC, 962-1213 MHz Recv, 1025-1150 MHz Trans, Major components: RT-220 and C-???.

ARN-32 - Radio receiving set, Marker beacon, 28 VDC at 0.6 amps, Major components: AT-536 and R-666A or AT-640A and R-666B.

SCR - 718 - Altimeter (Green Worm!)

AN/AIC-5B - Intercomm System (Carbon Mikes!!!)  Erom - Earles L. McCaul ex-AT1/AC (63-71) VW13,VW11,VW1,PMR Tucson, AZ, USA. Rod FYI: The "NATOPS FLight Manual" (for C-121J, EC-121K/M, WC-121N, NC-121K aircraft), NAVAIR 01-75CKC-1, dated 15 April 1971, lists the C-121J (R7V-1) intercom unit as being AN/AIC-5B; it was AIC-10 on the other birds. Also, the CU-308U coupler was what switched the long-wire antenna between the APN-70 LORAN and ARC-38A when they both tried to share the RH overhead long wire antenna.

TU-?? - Tuner For The ART-13

AT-?? - Trailing Wire Antenna

ARC-5 - Command Set (Low Freq & Others??)

? - DME Equipment

BC-348 - HF Receivers, Receiver, 1.5-18MHz, six bands, AM/CW, crystal filter, 915 KHz IF, BFO, MVC/AVC, 28v, 3a for DM-28 dynamotor

LM-14 - Frequency Meter, 0.125-20.0 MHz (125-250 KHz & 2-4 MHz Fundamental), with 125-kHz calibration crystal CKB-74028 Frequency Meter CKB-10086 Waterproof Carrying Case

CRT-3 - (Gibson Girl) Yellow Hand Cranked Down at Sea Transmitter (500 kcs)




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